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    Greetings Community:
    Remember Atlantis? A time when no words were needed, and thoughts were the form of communication. A golden age of spiritual living and healing. Sound healing and various types of protocols abounded. Well, Atlantis is here and now. All those ancient protocols continue to be available to all. Some protocols have been hidden for the right time on this planet. They are here now.
    Send me your healing requests. I am here to serve you with the highest light and intention of healing. I honor your request and set aside time to work with your individual energy through techniques from multiple training protocols. In the end, it is working with our combined energy and spirit guides for the desired outcome which is to heal either an emotional, psychological, or physical ailment. Together with my intention and yours, miracles can happen.
    When you post your request, please let me know if your issue is emotional, spiritual, or physical. You don’t need to give me details, unless you want to. There are Reiki symbols I use for each of these-emotional, spiritual, or physical. Although, Healing energy goes where it is needed. Energy healing shifts energy at a molecular and soul level. Energy transcends space and time. I told you Atlantis is here and now!
    Occasionally, there are those that do not want to be healed, even though they say they do. There is sometimes an unconscious will to let things stay as they are, either because attention is craved (usually unknown to the client), or there is a past life issue. When this occurs, further sessions in other modalities are needed to discover what is the block that prevents the healing to occur. If I sense this, I will let you know.
    What qualifies me as a healer? First and foremost, my will to want to heal and help others! Also, I am a graduate of LifeLeap, and I recently signed up for a set of new lessons provided by Dale Sellers in 2019. I am so honored to be his student. I can attest to his training, as I have been his student, and client for almost 20 years. His program literally saved my marriage, career, and life. I was living so much drama I just wanted to check out of life! Wow, the difference today is miraculous! Yes, I believe in miracles.
    Again, post your request, I will reply when I am doing the remote healing. You don’t need to do anything. However, if you wish you can lay down or sit still during the transmission time if you are available when I send the energy.
    The courses I have taken or certificates I hold are:
    • LifeLeap Graduate which provided the training to assist in healing protocols, including distance healing.
    • Certified Reiki Master III.
    • Certified in Ascended Numerology
    • Certified in Clairvoyance
    • Avesa Balancing-I completed this course online, and also travelled to Ecuador to get hands-on training.
    • Mediumship
    • Shamanic Studies-Vision Quest through the Institute of Shamanic Wisdom
    • Sekhmet Healing Protocol
    • Orin and DaBen’s Light Body Course (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer)
    • The Qabalistic Tarot-a study of the Tarot through the Qabalah system.
    • Navigating the Inner Matrix, The Golden Ray, The Mysteries of the Tojil
    • Past Life Regression.

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