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    My son’s father walked out on us when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Recently he has made contact again. (My son is now 6 months) will we reconnect our friendship and have a relationship for our son or will I find new love ?


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    I’m sorry Sjr1806. As soon as I focused on him I felt slapped in the face with a strong bad feeling about him. My psychic sense very specifically stated that he is extremely unstable; dangerous because he is careless; and not to be trusted where you are concerned and my sense very specifically strongly asserted that you should never ever leave your son alone with him. Psychically I see he will try to smooth-talk you into letting you take the baby and things will not end well. The baby’s safety is threatened in his presence. As much as you care for him, he will not settle down with you. If he does move in it will be temporary. Besides yourself, you have your child’s future feelings to consider. Seeing his father selfishly come in and out of his life will prove to be very damaging to the child. Protect your child. This man let you know everything you needed to know when he abandoned you during your pregnancy. When I focus on you, I see your hormones are clouding your judgement. You are sad and tired. But that doesn’t mean you have to be desperate. In the future you will be happier and more successful if you break it off for good now. Psychically i definitely see you and your child living a happy non-toxic life. If you don’t, you will put your child in harms way and ruin your chances of being happy and successful. I wish you and your baby the very best.

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