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    There was a girl who was like my best friend and my girlfriend but I ended up messing up really bad and cheated on her. We got back together after that but she moved on but the guy she moved onto is really bad for her and I still care a lot about her. Is there any hope that she’d come back and what should I do


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    You could try to keep rekindling her feelings as you try to regain her trust, but you’d have to do that for you and not for her. Regaining her trust as you rekindle your connection will mean you’re ready to be committed to her at least on a girlfriend level. Are you ready to be with one person with an easy way out by breaking up when you want to be with someone else? Or do you want to date a few girls before settling on a girlfriend? Boyfriend or girlfriend is a pretty serious label nowadays. It’s a form of exclusivity without the legal obligation, which makes it more vulnerable in a way. It’s almost on par with the word spouse except spouses have some sort of legal protection and obligation to sort through things. Your best friend is in a very vulnerable place, and when it becomes apparent don’t take advantage of it. Be there for her. And when you’re both mature enough and have that ability to give each other spousal support even though there is an easy way out, then settle down and make it so it’s not easy.

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