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    Im sorry if you are sick of seeing my face or reading my post but this is such an important issue to me. Im intelligent I know all the you have to love yourself, if he loved you he would not cheat, you deserve better….I am NOT ignorant I am aware of this and work on them. My insistence comes from my own intuiton that gut feeling that cannot be shaken free. I know in my heart of hearts soul of souls that Mark is in trouble…. Im 90% sure he is living with another woman Tasha… Several posts say they dont feel her presence with him…. Could that be because he doesnt care for her? Could it be because he is void of emotion because hes doing heroin? Is he doing heroin? What can I do to help Mark? What do I need to do to preserve my relationship? I have received the most valuable injustation here on many levels psychic as well as life skills that is why i keep turning to you guys for help. I have learned when a thought is one that comes emotionally and one that comes as a warning …. My intuition. This feeling deep inside me warning me to help mark will not go away.


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    Answered this in another post made by you.

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