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    So I will be honest when I say that I am a little skeptical about the whole psychic thing but there have been a few “events” in my life that I have left me thinking that there is something controlling my life which I have no control over so I decided that I will become open-minded and see if someone can assist me.
    I am 28 and I have never experienced true love and whenever I feel close, something happens which pulls/pushes them away from me.
    I have always been lucky with my health, almost feeling immortal but my streak is over and now I am deteriorating fast and want to know whether there is a silver lining or if I need to prepare soon and face reality?
    I have decided to give back to my community by volunteering to try and balance the feeling of goodness against the impending badness and would like to know if there is something or someone in my life that I am overlooking?


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    What exactly is your question?

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