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    Hello, My name is Lisa,I have a son named Tyler Lankford that just left home because he didn’t want to follow the rules of the house which are not very strict at all,he has it made at home,but works nights and is about to start college,and his car is on it last leg,which we had planned to buy him another used car, and will have to cut his hours at work to go to college,his Birthday is 7-11-90,I miss him very much and my heart is broken,he will not tell me where he is?? I don’t know why,I told him we are not going to call the police or harass him,but just want to know that he is ok and where and whom he is living with,can anyone please answer this as I am very worried about my son,and his well being,it has been 4 days now,he has text me a couple of times,but sounds very cold,I want him to come back home so he can go to college and not worry about bills,can you tell me if and when he is coming home? where or who he is living with? I want him to come back on his own,I am very Broken Hearted!!!


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    I am sorry this post has been up for several days unanswered. If you get this, would you be kind enough to post again with an update on the situation? I don’t feel he was in any danger but as I focus on him and who he is with, I don’t like his friends and I think he’s doing something he doesn’t want you to know about. As a matter of fact I feel the confrontation that led to his leaving was almost staged. I don’t think you had too many rules as I focus on your household and as I focus on you, I don’t think you have been overbearing. But again, please reply to my post with an update. Thank you


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    My daughter is Gabby and she just did same thing! Like you, I am heartbroken!!!!! All I do is cry and pray. You son is Sage. He is staying at an apartment I believe with a male friend. I smell pot as I am typing so I think the guys are getting high a lot. There is a girl. Longish brown hair. He is sexually curious but not sue they are having sex but he wants to. He will succeed and this is bump in road.let me know if any of you have ideas on my girl too

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