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    Hi I want to know if my boyfriend is cheating on me. I’ve been having dreams that he’s cheating on me his behavior towards me is totally different then when we first got together and since we’ve moved to AL. He sometimes stays gone for days or overnight or does come in til the hours of the morning.


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    Unless your boyfriend has a job that demands an erratic schedule his time and where he is literally unable to contact you, there is no no excuse for this behavior. He is already breaking major relationship rules to inexcusable proportions. Whether or not he is cheating on you is a secondary issue. He is already acting as if you are broken up. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is or what he is doing when he is out – the only exception being that if YOU ALLOW (key phrase “you allow”) him to come and go as he pleases and have sex with you would need to get examined for an STD.

    When I look at him psychically, I get a dark ugly picture. He feels you are beneath him and can do what he wants and when and expects you to put up with it. He expects you to keep house and wants to socialize without you. (Sorry. You asked for answers and I will not sugar coat this.) He will not change either. Why is he engaging in such blatant inconsiderate behavior? And, most importantly, why are you putting up with it? Even if he wasn’t having sex with other people or another significant person — even if he was gambling, drinking or watching tv with friends, you do not behave like that in a relationship. Period. If you allow this to happen, you are just as much to blame for this abuse and imbalance. If you want this man no matter what and wish to live like this, go for it. But beware. If he isn’t cheating, he will and psychically I see that eventually he will replace you and/or displace you with just a moments notice. You wont be able to handle that. That is what I see when I focus in on him.You moved to AL with him. If you don’t have any friends or family there, I would move back to where you came from, leave him behind and let him hire a maid.

    THE GOOD NEWS. Although you cannot control him or change things back, you can control your life and what you allow to take place in it. Start by asking yourself why you put up with this. Then continue by asking yourself if there is a reason that you cant do better for yourself. Then take the steps to do better. Stop selling yourself short. Stop settling for demeaning behaviors from strangers and friends and family members. Stop settling for jobs that are beneath your intelligence and your professional capacity. Take the chances you have always wanted to take. You know the ones I am talking about. Don’t you? Don’t be afraid of setbacks. Every body has them. This fear of really going for what you want has stifled you most of your life and put you where you are today.


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    The man I’ve been dealing with for the last three years of my life has been making some changes for the good I just want to know if it’s genuine and will it last

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