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    I’m 61 years old and don’t want to be alone. I had met the love of my life when I was 19 years old. It was love at first sight. But he was already married and I did not want to be a home wrecker, so I broke it off. I got married to someone else and lost contact with my first love. We have reconnected thru the years but either he’s been married or I was married. And he has a habit of living off women and stringing along other women (including me). I don’t want a relationship with him under these conditions. I have tried psychic readings, but he seems to weigh heavily in my readings. I know there must be someone else out there for me. How do I find him?


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    That’s crazy. You don’t have to be alone. And 61 is young. But, you might have to stop sabotaging yourself if you want a different life for yourself. And no offence, but my psychic gut says run away from the player. I think he’s made it clear to you what his game is. For meeting the right person, I’d suggest clearing out your connection with him. Get him out of your personal psychic space. This will help to create an opening for the type of person you deserve. You’re energy is going into him still and where is that getting you? If you are really serious about it, I’d highly consider the spiritual attraction classes on this website. Worked for me. If you don’t do something different, do you really think things will change on their own? Also, I keep seeing a cactus when I focus on you. Are you in the desert of something? Anyway, you have a good chance of meeting someone soon. You just need to focus on making it happen.

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