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    I am in a relationship where the connection is there in my opinion, but I feel like we’re stuck going in circles. Please help! Should I move on or make this work?


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    I see a lot of stress around him about work and finances, which isn’t helping. But you have a whole lot invested in this. Feels like he cares and you have some leverage to work with, but something needs to change. I get a psychic sense you have a background in marketing, right? Hooray! What about using some of troubleshooting mindset to get things going in a better direction? You may need to do some work within yourself instead of blaming the circumstance and seeing yourself as a victim. Ouch. Otherwise, you might have the same issues in the next relationship. I suggest learning how to get better control over your emotions. That would be a great start. This way, you can start to influence the relationship instead of watching it fall apart in front of you. Also, have more fun. What about more walks on the beach, which is near you right?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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