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    Okay, this may be a bit lengthy but please bare with me.

    Roughly 2 years ago I began working very closely with a guy I’ve been crazy about for a while. While working together we became very very close, not a relationship but…
    Shortly after our project I was offered work overseas and so I spent 6 months in Asia.

    Here’s the part I need help with. Upon my return to the US I began experiencing a lot of tingling and pressure at the site of my penal gland, something had awoken my 3rd eye chakra, I began developing some empathic abilities. I work with special needs middle school students, so you can probably imagine what that was like.
    Back to the guy. He had taken a partner and the connection between the two if us was different than my connection to anyone else on earth. I could tell if he was going to contact me, I could tell if he was thinking of me, I could even tell if he and his new partner where…

    When he and his partner broke up the intensity of these abilities subsided. My empathy became more manageable(though I will admit working on a middle school the term manageable is rather subjective) .

    Recently, my empathy and my chakra have begun to flair up again. In fact the other day the guy was a few blocks down from me and I initially new because of my third eye .

    I need help wondering why this is happening?
    What could’ve awoken my third eye to begin with?
    Any other advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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