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    i met a man three months ago and we were seeing each other and had a good relationship for two months aprox. Suddenly when things started to get more serious he started to change his attitude, being distant and not responding or not sending messages.
    i decided to finish it three weeks ago, i did some cutting energy cord meditation several times, but every time i was doing some sort of cutting, he was appearing again, through social apps, through song that we use to listen together.
    i feel that every time i want to forget him, its seem that he is not allowing me.
    like is me cutting the cord but he is not.
    he is not in the mood for a relationships but he is not allowing me to let go.

    Every time i ask my spirit guides, they tell me to wait for it, to be patient, like there is more to happen between us, and i want to know if that is the case .
    so i don’t know if this cord is not breaking at all because he is still thinking about me
    or maybe is a karmic relationship from the past, who only came to balance some sort of situation from past lifes .


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    I did several tarot spread ,I think the reason he is back and forth with you is because he is bonded in a way of his temptation can not resist if you know what I mean.
    Every time he comes back to your life he wants to restart as if nothing happened in the past.does it sound right?I
    I did not get any genuine interest other than that temptation.
    Do you think of believe he could be committed someone else also?

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