Is it safe to go ahead and communicate with my ex..

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    This is a weird situation. I am currently in a my opinion it is complicated and apart of me isn’t happy but that’s not what this is about. I want to fulfill my dream of being a singer and this year no matter what I wanted to do all I can to do it. I replied to an ad not realizing it was my ex and we’ve been going back and forth, I know she isn’t interested in me because she had me check out her music page and I see she is with someone else. I am a little scared and she doesn’t know its least I don’t think. She’s starting an lgbt company. She is a Sagittarius and it is because of me we broke up. I am fighting with myself to call her and be honest but I am still nervous and don’t want to open up old wounds. I’ve thought about sending her a sample of a song I sang then she would find out its me and decide if she wants to go further but time is wasting and she’s impatient. Please help…should I go ahead and reveal myself??

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