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    My significant other Mark of 23 years and i have been living in seperate states. We have a strong relationship that has survived many things. Im sure hes my soulmate. Just recently I was told he was with a woman named Tasha. I have also been told he is doing drugs. We have been working towards his move back home and thats what I have been planning for. If he is involved in drugs how can I help him or what can I do to help him? Despite what I hear I have a hard time believing he is with anyone. Especially Tasha. I want to move forward in life but I am not going to do anything like walk away from him based on what someone else said. Regardless there is something very off with him after 23yrs with him i know him well and the way he has been is not like him. If hes with this woman as a result of drugs how best could I handle this? Please please advise me in a positive direction that will be good for us both. If there is a chance for us Id like advice how to keep us together. I do appreciate what you all do… It really helps to have perspective when everything feels so out of control. I ferl like Im spinning out if control…Blessings always


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    Answered this in another post made by you.

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