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    I keep hearing the voices of my wife’s mother and sted dad in my head they tell me it’s just a game and it’s been on me for years and I’m am just knowing it was there they did something to let me know that they know my every move and thought the name of the game is deja vu I keep telling me wife what’s going on she thinks I’m tripping all the time how can I get it off me I just want my life back they won’t help me it’s like their making me suffer and make a fool out of myself because of the way that it has me I don’t like dat can you please tell me how to get it off me


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    If it is truly them, have a conversation with them, tell them you heard their message and now it is time for th to go to the light. Holy oil can also help rid you. That being said, it could also be an illness on your part so if you can not get clear, you may wish to rule out illness. That being said, even if you are sick, that does not mean you were not open to real stuff.


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    I hear voices too. They’ve been there for 20 years. This is part of a gift that you have. It’s common to experience things like these when you have some kind of psychic gift. Mine started as one individual, now I have lots so it spread out but I’ve never been able to get rid of them. I got advised once to go to a spiritualist church and they could help but as time has grown on, I feel these voices have a purpose in my life and that I have to do something with them. It’s made me stronger. You can also meditate I’ve been told but that never made mine go away. Some gifted psychics have had to go through turmoil due to their gift like me. So whatever happens, stay strong. You will develop over time.

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