Help! My love life is absolutely empty ((

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    Hi there!

    I am 22, female and yet have never been in a relationship with any guy. I am too shy, insecure and seldom go out. Sometimes I feel I may be destined to be alone. It scares me as currently there is not even a small sign indicating a possible relationship(boyfriend, engagement, etc.) whereas my friends have loving partners, guys who like them, some are even married and have children. I feel like I live in a totally different planet.
    I am not Megan Fox but when I happen to finally go out, I am frequently told I am pretty but that’s all. I also study well and try to treat everyone with respect.

    So what’s the problem? Is there something in me that I need to change? Will I meet a great guy in near future and start a serious relationship with him? Can you see something?

    It is really important for me as I avoid meeting my relatives and friends as I know they are going to ask about my love life which is absolutely empty. I will feel like a loser. They are going to pity me, something I don’t want to happen for sure. I just want to feel all the wonderful emotions that a girl of my age would want.

    Sorry if this was too long.
    Will appreaciate your replies.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

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