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    My question is: dose my fwb wants something more like a bf/gf relationship if so when or am i wasting my time?


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    Well 1st of all I think you summed up your own answer by the title you are giving this Person. Friend with benefits. Id like to gain more insight though could you please give me your Birth date maybe a bit more information? I mean Friends with benefits seems like if that is where it started it may just be just that. I mean if the other party is getting fulfillment from that status and is not making signs clear that they are interested in anything more. Let me see what I can get please provide Birth date info for me 😉


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    It is very common today to find people who do the friends with benefits because they feel they don’t want commitment or hassle of a relationship. That may of been the way it began. I see that he has developed feelings for you over time but its really hard to break certain patterns that have been placed. That’s not something that he is thinking right now but he does have feelings for you. I think you should just straight approach him and judge according to his response. That will tell you whether you should move forward or not. Have you brought it up before?

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