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    How do I personally detach from the prison of wanting and become truly free?


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    Truth is it’s easier said then done. Key is to stay busy. Busier you are, less time you have to think and dwell on this person. The only way to truly be free is to give it time and as long as you stay busy, the want will get less and less. It’s important to not let yourself get consumed by trying to get likes or talking to a bunch of random people to fill the void. That’s just temporary. You’re worth so much more than a temporary smile. You can’t heal if you pass the time trying to find someone else to make you feel better. Take your time and heal! Hope this helps. You got this


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    Attachment definitely creates its own prison. Detachment comes in small steps. Letting go of outcome, letting go of need, letting go of want. Obsessions sometimes take much energy to disperse. I don’t sense an obsession.
    I see a vision of a bird taking flight, and a ship going away. The bird is you wishing to be free. You want him to return, yet he does not want to return. The connection home is weak. His energy is felt uncaring and emotionless.
    The freedom from your pain will not come as quickly as you wish it. Yet it will come. Be patient with yourself.
    Find freedom by letting go of unresolved issues. Set goals for yourself that are realistic. Start by decluttering your life. Release all that no longer serves your higher purpose. Organize your bedroom. Change and freedom come in small choices.

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