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    I am a mother, and a fairly new mother again, I work full time and have a partner. Just lately I have been feeling very down and although I have normal stresses like money etc, nothing else is seriously wrong. Keep getting the feeling something bad us going to happen! Am I right? Or just feeling under the weather?


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    Maybe you have post birth depression? you could also be an empath and are picking up on times and trials of you baby or others that are close to yo9u. try grounding. Is the feeling specified towards an area of your life? What do yo9u think is going to happen? Try to make by writing down a plan of action to avoid the disasters. You might also try stregthening your intuition via here listening to brainwave entrainment, biannual beats in order to stregthen you9r connection to your intuition and meditate. focus your thoughts. you are powerful and the spritual order will not hand down what you cannot handle.


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    It might be post-partum depression. You should talk to your doctor about it, perhaps even see a therapist. You might also find comfort and understanding in going to local groups that meet up, facing similar feelings. For instance, there is a group that meets at my local hospital of women dealing with post-partum depression. I have a friend who attends it and finds it helpful. Find out if such a group is available at your hospital or in your neighborhood. I hope you feel better soon.

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