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    Hello.. is Cristina.. I’m new to.this and this type of support and alternative methods to hopefully gain the support and benefits of having.a place to go to without the fear of being honest with people whom are mandated reporters and obligated to the state and.not my best interest.. So here i am..broken down by the very.many years of what I do not know what has happened to me but I.feel so bankrupt spiritually amd emotionally..I’ve been stripped of every single person that I feel I needed to be able advance as a human being and everything that comes from having love- and the healthy things that come with relationships that are vital to our growth and development has human being. And I’ve faced some of the darkest moments of my life and I have been in situation at the situation where it’s going against my own will and happening anyway and I have no control over the dark Forces behind whatever has created a very lonely and isolated existence that none of the things that were removed came with any type of closure or prepared to face the and results of everything just happened abruptly and it seems like that’s the pattern that has taken place I really really really have tried to seek psychic guidance and advice but been nothing but scammed and ripped off and even have given up money that should have went to Food just to desperately seek answers to my dilemmas that never came .. if there’s anybody that is willing to look into my situation I sure you will be very interesting to say the least and the need two help and understand would be totally obvious to someone who had that type of ability to see further than what my disappointment has closed my eyes to


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    There are no dark forces beyond your control. All the answers you need are inside of you. If you keep looking outside yourself without centering yourself first then everything you hear and see will be distorted. Read the power of now by eckhart tolle, meditate, try your best to keep your attention from getting sucked into negative thoughts. You are perfect and special just how you are. You are the one that holds your power and it’s absolutely in your control. I’m here to support you if you need to talk


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    I agree with Sammie22480. There are no forces making your life worse for you. Life is just rough sometimes. Focus on what you do have going for you. Are you alive? Can you get out and enjoy nature? Do you have food and water? This is more than many people on the planet have. Also, I could be confused but isn’t there a daughter around you? Is this something you can make more a part of your life? It’s time to hit the personal growth section of the bookstore/library. Find a different way at looking at life which doesn’t leave you so miserable. If you are suffering, it’s because you don’t see things on a higher level. Just start taking small steps everyday.

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