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    hope sumbody can help well a few months back me and my girlfriend broke up she moved out we wasnt getting along at all so thats a lil stress releiver but anyway now i am living in a house my brother and sister in law own and there talking about selling it theres no way i can afford the house im not working rite now im slowly recovering from sum health problems anyway he has 2 properties the house i live in now and another property just accross the road a few years back i bought a small house trailer and put it on that property i bought the trailer and put it on the property with my brothers perrmission my plans was to eventually move into it the house is to big for me but now that there talking about selling the house i dont no if they will let me live in the trailer my brother is 1 of those ppl thats very hard to talk 2 he flips out then conversations over anyway any 1 have any answers i dont no to start selling all my stuff or keep my stuff and stay here i just want a peaceful life simple and drama free as possible any info will b greatley appreciated thank u and god bless

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