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    My ex partner is in a new relationship. He and his new partner are very public in sharing the relationship on social media and she has strongly implied that he’s taking care of her child. Is this a genuine, long-lasting relationship? Why is this such a public presentation? It appears to conflict dramatically with who he was. And while I’m positive I don’t want to renew the relationship, I’m not sure why his relationship status is suddenly so troubling to me.


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    Honestly its possible you still have feelings for this person and you still care which is a positive because in life when things don’t work out its a good quality to have to know and accept that, move on but never stop caring. Its sounds like you can feel her negative energy and shes gaining from it. See when your in a relationship and feel good about it you don’t have to post it socially, brag, etc. Because everyone can feel and see the positive energy and love evolving from it. I also sense that their relationship is not genuine and they are not secure with their relationship. Its as if they are feeding off of showing off instead of each other. They like the attentions and the possibility of making ex lovers jealous. This is not a positive relationship.
    Best thing you can do is steer clear and worry about your own because you have some amazing life events headed your way 😉

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