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    Ok so one day I just started drawing and it turned into something. Well as I kept drawin, mind you I have never been able to draw in my life, but I was starting to connect my drawing with what’s been on the news. The first time I really noticed, a friend of mine who lives in japan, got a hold of me, and wanted to come visit, and I hadn’t talked to her since we graduated. I had drew a picture of her 2 days before her call! Then my cousin had a motorcycle wreck where his wife got killed, I drew the picture of it the night before bout the same time it happened. It’s just all new for me because I never knew I had this gift until very recently and I’m 45. That’s about it I guess I just wanted to see what everybody thinks lol


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    Automatic drawing can be intense and accurate. I’ve played around with it before. I guess the big question is how can you use this to help others? Or, how can you use it in some productive way? Try to find a way you can put it to use, if you haven’t already!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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