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    Taurus female here (April 29’74). Met my scorpion (November 11,’75) on Tinder and from the 2nd conversation, it was minimum 12 hours of talking per day. He hinted at marriage and babies with me. Met his mom, siblings, and cousins, everything seemed perfect but a) I’m celibate and don’t have sex outside of relationships, b) I have a life circumstance that might put distance between us. It’s been almost a year, and at first he was trying to convince me he was a good guy, that he wants a woman, we were in constant contact. I was too scared since he never actually revealed his true feelings, he just hinted that I should make a move. At 7 months, he said he needed sex so he started 2 strictly sexual relationships, but these women are never around or at his house. He still calls daily, 6-12 hours of talking while doing life (working, chilling, shopping, etc.), I’m his last convo @night, every night and he still always talks about being alone at home, by himself. After hinting, and hurting me with too much info, now he says we should just have a sexual relationship as he likes his freedom, but that I shouldn’t get attached to him. #WTF I thought he loved me…what is real? My head is spinning and I’m not sure if I should break 7 years of celibacy for him…
    Please help me!


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    First of all I sense you know your worth as your intuitions are kicking in and that is why you are confused. keep your grounds and your line drawn unfortunately your feelings are intercepting your intuitions. He hurt you with this information is a clear sign he has no conscious or cares of hurting your feelings he is seeking sex. If someone truly loves you or has feelings for you they can and will wait BOTTOM LINE because they are seeking your heart not sex. A relationship is not or should never be something to figure out. Your confused for a reason he likes to keep the door open in case he can get that sexual desire met there is a strong sexual passion force between your astrological signs thus he is so attracted sexually. This is not your destiny. There is someone out there for you as there are many people in this world and certainly on who is willing to wait and accept you and your choices and give you everything you are worthy of because clearly he is not. He has a child like mentality. There are some personality differences, then opposites attract in this case. His stinging tail creates trouble. and I can assure you letting go and moving forward may not be easy but it will open a door to wonderful things in every aspect. Have Faith, patience and always follow your intuitions they are never wrong!

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