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    Namaste Tania: I did a Reiki/energy healing today, April 8, 2020 at 10:00 PT
    Your sorrow and pain were felt. The balance of your masculine/feminine energy were felt as more feminine than masculine.You are a nurturing, compassionate woman. You are asked to work to develop more masculine energy, meaning the part of you that is strong and focused, and analytical. You are felt as middle age, somewhere between 30-40.

    I have a vision of you searching the horizon. I see a man in the distance. He is kneeling, and carries a huge rock on his back-meaning he carries a heavy emotional/financial burden. This separation has been painful for him too. I ask if he will return, and the vision I see is a man walking away and not looking back.

    You are seen, and I notice how busy your fingers are. They are fidgeting, and they are crafting. This tells me you are anxious and try to stay busy so you don’t have to think about him. You are also busy trying to fulfill your financial obligations.
    Stay focused on yourself. This pain will pass, and at the end of this, you will have grown and learned. This is where the extra masculine energy will be enhanced. You are strong and will heal. Change will come and joy will again return to you.
    As I scan your energy during the healing session, I feel an abundance of energy in your crown chakra. You are in your head, and your thoughts consume you. There is heaviness in your right arm. You are working too much and not relaxing enough. Take time just to be silent. Take a long bath. Take walks, and enjoy the sun. Your joints are inflamed. Your uterus seems inflamed. Perhaps you are on your menstrual cycle, perhaps there are fibroids present. You have intestinal issues from worrying. The left foot is asking for your attention. This could also be a symbol to strengthen your masculinity.

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. May healing go where it is needed the most, for your best and highest good.

    Love, Melinda

    • Hi Melinda , I need another small advice from you .I wanna do a reiki healing in srilanka, after I left school I had few grey hair on my head .after few years it got worse than before.I did treatment for it either.and used herbal oil as well .some times I cover up . I feel like i get grey hair because of the stress .because some times I worry too much as you said .And I’m over thinking about things.So because of that I feel my hair turns in to grey. I wanna know if I do meditation like reiki healing wether I will be able to recover from it .?

    • Kind Regards

    • Tania

    • Namaste, I am not a medical professional or scientist, but i know of people whose hair turned instantly grey from physical and/or mental trauma. All things are possible in the quantum field. I have known people who regrow hair after loosing it. It has to do with manifesting our heart’s desires.