Will husband return and reconcile our family?

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    I am currently separated. My H is living with his employee, 29 years younger than he. I want to save our family, but do not know if it is possible. I have been using reiki on the relationship and myself, and have been using LOA techniques and telepathic messaging, which some days seem to work, and others, not so much. Wondering if I am chasing a lost cause or not?


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    Not to get your hopes up too high, but I get a sense there is still hope. I do get a psychic sense he first needs to go through what he is going through. He needs to realize his current relationship won’t last and won’t be fulfilling. It won’t help if you try to interfere at this point. Best thing you can do now is to work on your emotions, regardless of what is happening now. Get to where you see it happening, expect it, accept it, rather than pain, hopelessness, depression, and anxiety. Trust me, your emotions will have a huge impact on the outcome. Get some training here or get some elsewhere, but don’t just keep suffering through it. This won’t help the situation. Also, I keep getting a psychic pull towards you working with people, maybe something in a compassionate profession. Might be a good thing for you to focus on now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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