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    I am wanting to know if i will find a partner and love any time soon? I seem to be attracted to guys who “sweet talk” me and tell me the things they think I want to hear and then once they get what they want they just disappear. I started seeing this guy a few months ago and to my knowledge he was very keen and interested. He wanted to meet my friends, planned things to do in the coming weeks, told me he could really see us spending a lot of time together, he instigated all text and phone calls but once he got what he wanted his replies to text or calls became far and few until he just stopped replying all together. I see this as a pattern with other guys as well. I find it hard to let guys in in the first place due to being hurt too many times and then when i do this sort of thing happens. I just want to know if i am going to find someone to share my time with or is this the rutt ill be in forever

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