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    I love my job and what I do. I am in the health insurance industry and have always been more on the executive side. I had a short experience in sales a couple years ago. It was with a boss who was very degrading towards women. He was also stuck in the 80’s and did not want us to do anything with social media or methods more current…just cold calling and I hated it. Now in my new job I have the opportunity to start transitioning into sales. I have a huge block. Its colder weather and I can’t always get out for personal sales calls, so cold calling is necessary. I seem to self sabotage. I will find anything else to do rather than make prospect calls and I am afraid I will miss this GREAT financial opportunity at something I know I am awesome at. This is what lead me here. I appreciate any tips or ideas. My friends always say don’t let anything hold you back, forget about that last boss, etc…but I am definitely going to need more than that to get passed this block. I have done much in the way of meditations, affirmations, sleep hypnosis, candles, crystals, writing, prayer, a negativity box, singing bowl and anything else I could think of.
    Thanks for your help all!

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