Anyone help me with whole body and soul and heart healing please I beg you

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    I feel broken and beaten down. Need some healing. Single mother. Left abused spouse. I feel negative energy every where. Need to heal my broken heart.


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    I am not a remote healer but I sense you hear his voice in your head. He called you stupid and the B word. Your self esteem is suffering but I sense you are strong and amazing.Put positive affirmations around your house and read them when you go past.


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    Sage works wonders. I hope you get the help you are seeking. Bless ?


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    It is fine to be negative – don’t resist it, as it is a vital part to healing. You can’t just switch from a negative mindset straight to positive. From your sorrow, eventually you will feel anger (this will start soon if it hasn’t already) and this is normal – it means you are healing. Express these emotions – you need to integrate them.

    Then, it will feel natural to be more positive about your life – if you commit to healing, your life will get better, and I see a partner coming into your life when you are ready. Your child will grow normally – you are in this stage to learn from it.

    Remember that your internal world is mirrored – this means that as you naturally leave the rock bottom which you are currently at, your reality will also improve.

    Don’t resist these negative emotions – I know it’s hard, and they feel invincible, but they are only asking you to be present with them.

    Do this work of being completely present with your emotions, accepting them for what they are, and your life will improve sooo rapidly.

    I will send healing too (and to your child – an intelligent soul I am sensing), but you must be at a receiving energy in order for it to be compatible with your energy field.

    Please ask me further questions if you need to – I am here for you.

    Much love
    Lisa XX

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