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If you own a website, you can submit your website URL. If your website is accepted, all links from your site to ours will automatically become affiliate links. You can submit websites here:

Direct Links

Once your link is approved, you simply copy a standard link from our website and insert this link into your website. This is easier than creating affiliate links and standard links often look better to your site visitors (they don't look like ugly affiliate links).

Various Services & Features You Can Promote Using Direct Linking

You can use virtually any link leading to our website, but here are some basic suggestions:

Life Mastery Program - A single sale can bring you a commission of $178.50. Get familiar with details by clicking on the link to the service. It may be better to indirectly market this service through one of our FREE features. If you have a huge subscriber/follower base, the is our best service to promote as we can accept an unlimited amount of sales during any period of time.

Intuitive Counseling - A single sale can bring you a commission averaging $17.80. Get familiar with details by clicking on the link to the service. Depending on your promotion strategy, it may be better to indirectly market this service through one of our FREE features. We can accept a good amount of sales with the service (several a day), but since this is a individual service provided by Dale Sellers (founder of LifeLeap), we can only accept a limited amount of sales over a period of time. If you have a huge subscriber/follower base, we suggest you promote our Life Mastery Program instead (which has no sales limits).

The Best Life - This is our most popular Educational Guide. This service promotes both our Life Mastery Program and our Intuitive Counseling Service (see above). This guide covers powerful personal growth strategies, concepts, and practical applications. Like all of our free guides, you can promote The Best Life with a review written by you (with an Affiliate Link). A simple Text Link (with Affiliate Code) is all it takes.

Free Psychic Training Mini Course - This guide informs readers about psychic development and introduces our Psychic Training Course. It's sure to bring in visitors.

Psychic Tips Guide - Another one of our more popular Educational Guides. It's sure to bring in visitors. This guide informs readers about choosing a good psychic, getting the most from a psychic, and it introduces our Intuitive Counseling service.

Psychic Project - Since 2001, this catchy On-line Psychic Training and Testing Tool has brought in thousands of visitors to our site. The Psychic Projects helps participants test and practice their own psychic abilities. Unlike most psychic tests on the net, the Psychic Project uses Real People who we've interviewed as psychic targets. Throughout the exercises, we introduce our Life Mastery Program to participants (which can give you up to $178.50 per commission).

LifeLeap Homepage - You'll normally be better off promoting a specific service or feature as an affiliate, but in some circumstances it may be helpful to introduce the homepage of our website. For example, if you are giving a general review of our company on your website or if you want to just let people know about us (without going into specific details).

Online Spiritual Community - Our spiritual community is one of the most popular on the internet, with thousands of user topics and replies. Along with covering several areas of interest, users can get free psychic questions answered by other community members. Our community is set up a little differently compared to the rest of our website. Therefore, you will need to use an affiliate link pointing to one of these blog posts to promote the community:

1. Online Spiritual Community

2. Absolutely Free Psychic Readings

Of course, if you get stuck on any part of this process or if you have additional questions, we are here to help. Simply ask your questions in a Support Ticket

* This is just a start for the features we offer for promotion - We have more to come soon. Keep checking back for updates.